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Calling all thespians — Disney’s The Little Mermaid Casting Call!

December 14, 5 pm (must be signed in by 8:30 pm)
December 15, 9 am (must be signed in by 1:30 pm)
AUDITION LOCATION: Legacy Commons, 930 East Ave. Q-9, Palmdale, CA 93550

CALLBACKS: Sunday, December 16
LOCATION: Palmdale Playhouse, 38334 10th St. E., Palmdale, CA 93550

SHOW DATES: March 22, 23, 24 and 29, 30, 31

Males Ages 10 & Up, Females Ages 15 & Up
All roles are available, all ethnicities are welcome for any role.
(Males under age 10 and females under age 15 are not eligible to audition.)

• VOCAL RANGE – Be prepared to sing 16 bars of music in your vocal range. You may use a CD or a song downloaded on your personal device (no background vocals please).

• Please allow up to 2 hours to complete the audition process.
• A parent or guardian must remain with minors (under age 18) during the entire audition.
• Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle.

REHEARSALS:• Read through and all rehearsals will take place at the Palmdale Playhouse on Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays.• No rehearsals will take place during the December holidays.

For audition information, call the Palmdale Playhouse at 267-5684.

Interested in working behind the scenes on set building, scene painting, stage crew and more? Call 267-5684 for details.

Music by Alan Menken. Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Glenn Slater. Book by Doug Wright.
Based on the Hans Christian Anderson story and the Disney film produced by Howard Ashman & John Musker, and written and directed by John Musker & Ron Clements. Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions.
Presented by the City of Palmdale and Palmdale Playhouse in collaboration with Palmdale Repertory Theatre.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI (

ARIEL: Female (16-20’s), A Mermaid Princess. Crystal clear flawless belt to E.  A strong willed, independent young woman. She loves her father but has never felt as if she quite fits in to her world under the sea. She is a dreamer with an adventurous spirit who will do anything for her love. Must move well and be a strong physical actress who can convey emotion without speaking.

ERIC: Male (20’s) A charming prince who doesn’t want to settle and accept the life that he is destined to live. He feels most alive on the sea and yearns for a life of adventure. Must be able to sing in a very controlled lyrical tenor or baritenor. Gorgeous soaring sound to A;

TRITON: Male (30’s-50’s) The Son of Poseidon, King of the Undersea World, with a profound belief that the Human World is dangerous and must protect his daughters from it. A powerful, uncompromising monarch, who has been deeply wounded by losing his wife, the mother of his 7 daughters. Commanding, regal, charismatic, protective because he has fear of losing what he loves. Booming baritone to strong E

URSULA: Female (30’s-50’s) A Sea Witch and Triton’s estranged (and none-to-happy-about-it) sister, banished forever for dabbling in The Black Arts. Personality as huge as her ambition. Wildly smart, sinister, sarcastic and dangerous. Voluptuous and sultry. Desperate to overthrow her brother and reclaim the undersea realm once and for all.  Dramatic alto down to E. Big Belt to C# with strong head voice to a G. Will consider female or male actors for this role.

GRIMSBY: Male (40+) Prince Eric’s British guardian. Long-suffering, no-nonsense and big-hearted. More a companion and confidant with a father like love for Prince Eric. Occasionally exasperated by, but entirely devoted to the Prince.  Light character vocals only, patter a la Gilbert and Sullivan

SEBASTIAN: Male (20’s-40’s)  A charming, pleasing Caribbean Crab. The court composer and confidante and advisor to King Triton. Becomes the reluctant guardian of Ariel with a loving devotion to the King and his daughter. A showman with a dry sense of comedy, good dancer, physicality and singer. Strong character calypso sound. Caribbean Accent required. Baritone to E;

SCUTTLE: Male (20’s-40’s) A seagull. Fancies himself nature’s Einstein and expert on humans and their peculiar stuff. Full of confidence. Ariel depends on him for the bird’s-eye view of the world and life. A song and dance man. Tap skills a plus.  Very strong character tenor or baritenor with a solid high A.

FLOUNDER: Male (10-16) Tenor or unchanged voice; A fish on the verge of puberty who has a huge crush on Ariel. He is her faithful, enthusiastic, young friend. Must sing and move well. Will consider male or female actors for this role.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: Male. Two eels, high-voltage low-lifes who are Ursula’s lackeys and partners in crime. Slimy, sneaky, and good movers. Puppetry required for these roles. Light seductive tenor to B with falsetto to a high D. Will consider both male & female actors for these roles.

LOUIS: Male (20’s-40’s)  A human, French Chef extraordinaire, a culinary perfectionist with a particular affinity for dishes with fishes. Movement skills a plus as he will also play numerous characters throughout the show. An operatic character voice.

MERSISTERS (15+) 6 Daughters of Triton. Must move well, and have strong character voices.

PRINCESSES: (15+) Will be vying for Eric’s affection.

ENSEMBLE: Male and Female (15+) Excellent dancers and singers with strong character work; Will play many characters from underwater creatures, to sailors, maids, and chefs.



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    • As of right now, the only opening for a 10 yr. old is for a boy. We will be meeting with the City of Palmdale next week to discuss the age limit for ensemble roles. We will post the age requirements here on our website and on our Facebook page.

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