The sale of tickets covers only a part of our annual budget. The remainder is supplemented by fundraising, donations, and membership fees. * Membership is required for anyone cast in a PRT production. Benefits of membership include voting rights and the ability to have a voice in the direction of the organization. Members may also attend the monthly board meeting. Membership is valid until the end of the season. PRT’s season is based upon a standard calendar year, starting in January and ending at the end of December.
*Membership is $20.00 and can be paid through PayPal or can be given to Carrie McBryant with check or cash. For PayPal payments you can use this link or use when you sign into PayPal.
Here are the current 2018 PRT Members:
Marco Aguilar
Chris Bostwick
Julie Aguilar
Clare Durand
Carrie McBryant
Marjorie Green
Kevin Clark
Rose Storey
Glynis Fuller
Ellie Aguilar
Nick Aguilar
David Alvarado
Mckenzie Celaya-Rice
Joel Coder
Stephanie Cood
Alice Cowan
Shea Dittman
Summer Duarte
Mika Estella
Verity Fletcher
Aaron Foley
Tim Foster
Erik Garcia
Mario Gonzalez
Ceron Jones
Aidyn Kastner
Kayla Krumrei
Nilesh Kumar
Anthony Long
Emma Luahiwa
Therese Melnykov
Cozette Montagut
Alex Newman
Jonathan Reed
Joe Ryan
Robert Shupe
Mahlea Smith
Cheyenne Starks
Olivia Starks
Gabriel Stokes
William Swartzbaugh
Alex Wallis
Josiah Watkins
Jason Wells
Mackenzie Zaun
Vanessa Chandler
Melissa Martin
Christine Maag-Yandek
Amelia Camacho
Cierra Gooden
Melodie Lestrade 





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